We are Paralegals, not mini-lawyers. Dealing with your legal issues alone could be detrimental or at the very least take away from your valuable time and energy. We are here to help you to navigate these legal systems and provide representation within a defined scope, to protect your best interests.


Forsyth Legal Services provides Paralegal representation in the following areas:


~ Small Claims Court


The monetary jurisdiction of small claims court will increase from $25,000 to $35,000 in January 2020. Small claims court matters involve suing for, or defending against;


- Money owed,

- Contract disputes,

- Property damage,

- Return of property


~ Highway Traffic Offences and Other Provincial Offences

The Ontario Court of Justice hears virtually all provincial offence matters as well as offences against municipal by-laws. Provincial Offences can result from:


- Highway Traffic Act charges such as speeding or traffic violations;

- Municipal by-law charges relating to excessive noise, animal control, or garbage disposal; and

- Charges laid under provincial legislation such as the Environmental Protection Act, the Liquor Licence Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Dog Owners’ Liability Act or the Trespass to Property Act.



~ Criminal Summary Conviction Offences

Criminal offences in Canada are classified as either indictable offences or offences punishable on summary conviction. In regards to sentence, offences punishable by summary conviction do not exceed 2 years less a day imprisonment. Examples of such offences include:


- Assault

- Criminal Harassment

- Mischief

- Theft Under $5000

- Fraud

- Breaches of Court Order



~ Landlord and Tenant Law

Both landlords and tenants in Ontario have rights and responsibilities with respect to their tenancy agreements. Examples of landlord and tenant matters include:

- Evictions,

- Wilful or negligent damage,

- Overcrowding,

- Persistent late pay of rent,

- Interference with reasonable enjoyment.



~ Administrative Tribunals


An administrative tribunal conducts hearings and makes decisions on a variety of matters covered under hundreds of statutes to resolve disputes regarding the obligations, rights and responsibilities of individuals, businesses or the government. Although an alternate to court, tribunals use similar processes in making decisions but are often less costly and less formal than the courts.


An administrative tribunal is also known as an agency, board or commission. Examples of such tribunals include;

- Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

- Ontario Labour Relations Board

- Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

- The Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board

- Ontario’s Social Benefits Tribunal