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At Forsyth Legal Services we bring our passion for access to justice to our family mediation services. We are interested in keeping families out of court, saving the family finances and most importantly preserving positive family relationships. Litigation by nature creates a “win-lose” situation. Mediation seeks to level the playing field so that each party is equipped to make fully informed decisions, with the view to achieving fair and equitable agreements. With the best interests of the children and/or family unit in mind, we work to preserve positive ongoing relationships and reduce the emotional hardship of an already stressful process.

Our Accredited Mediators facilitate agreements with respect to:

~ Property division

- Property can include the marital home, bank accounts, registered savings and assets such as; vehicles, household items, vacation properties.

~ Co-parenting plans

- Co-parenting plans can set out parenting schedules, apportioning of extra special expenses, child care, extra-curricular activities, post-secondary education and emergency planning.

~ Child support


- Child support is a child’s right. Both parents are responsible to financially support their children. Parents can utilize the Federal Child Support tables to determine amounts to be paid or negotiate mutually agreeable amounts outside of the table.

~ Spousal Support

- Spousal support may be required depending on length of marriage and other factors. Separating partners can also negotiate spousal amounts, duration of payments or even the waiver of support.



· Negotiating / amending existing agreements

- Re-visiting past agreements is often required based on the changing needs of children and/or the “post-divorce” family unit as a whole. Amendments may be needed to an entire agreement, specific items or based on support re-calculations.

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